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Ondřej Švec: The Primacy of Practice and the Pervasiveness of Discourse


The LMS - Center welcomes Ondřej Švec (Charles University in Prague) to speak on "The Primacy of Practice and the
Pervasiveness of Discourse".


The talk questions the pragmatic thesis (developed by H. Dreyfus and M.
Okrent) according to which the non-linguistic skillful coping should be
conceived as the basis for higher levels of conceptual capacities or
discursive intentionality. The critique is based on two main
considerations. First, the relationship between non-discursive coping
with the affordances and explicit interpretation of ourselves and the
world is not a one-way street, since inherited conceptual articulation of
meaning is always already constitutive of our familiarity with a world and
cannot be considered as a mere superstructure. Second, the intelligibility
achieved through our skillful involvement is not only questioned in an
existential situation (in which we are called upon to take over our
thrownness), but also disclosed as dependant on one´s own
answerability for it. However, the primacy of the practice thesis will not
be rejected, but further developed through concrete examples which
illustrate the manner in which our conceptual thinking is embedded in
more broadly conceived shared practices (including discursive practices
and communicative interaction).

When: Dec. 13, 2017 from 2:05 pm till 3:40 pm
Where: Philosophical Faculty, Room #B9

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