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Tomáš Hříbek (Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic): Against Qualophilia


The LMS - Center welcomes Tomáš Hříbek (Institute of Philosophy AS CR) to speak on "Against Qualophilia".


Most philosophers of consciousness share an opinion that a consensus has been reached at least when it comes to the explanandum, which their
theories need to tackle. It is conceived of as a special property of
experience of which it is unclear how it fits the physical reality. There
isn't a complete terminological agreement, but most authors call these
problematic properties "phenomenal characters," "qualitative
characters," or simply "qualia." I reject the view that we have identified
such an explanandum, and I argue that we are better off without it. My
argument is basically an extension of Dennett's older criticism of qualia,
but I also aim to show that the resulting position is not a variety of

When: Dec. 20, 2017 from 2:05 pm till 3:40 pm
Where: Philosophical Faculty, Room #B9

Česky | English

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