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Pawe³ Grabarczyk: Two sides of randomness in games


On behalf of the LMS Center, we would like to invite you to an invited talk by:

Pawe³ Grabarczyk
(University of Copenhagen)

who will speak on:

"Two sides of randomness in games"

ABSTRACT: Due to the controversy associated with random reward mechanisms, commonly referred to as “loot boxes” the role of randomness in games became a hot topic. Among the concerns raised by the debaters two are the most prominent: the question whether random mechanisms should be considered as a case of unethical design and the question as to whether they should be treated as regular gambling or is there anything special to them? All of these debates operate on the practical, often juridical level. It is nonetheless important to remember that at the core of the controversy lies a deep philosophical question about the satus of randomness in the digital works. In my talk I investigate the status of randomness in computer games, evaluate its ethical aspects and delineate important differences between types of randomness.

When: March 13, 2019 from 14:05 till 15:40
Where: Philosophical Faculty UHK, Room #B9

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