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Ronald Loeffler: Recognizing Other Minds in Conversation


On behalf of the LMS Center, we would like to invite you to an invited talk by:

Ronald Loeffler
(Grand Valley State University)

who will speak on:

"Recognizing Other Minds in Conversation.
Beliefs as We-Attitudes and Assertions as Expressions of Beliefs so Conceived."

ABSTRACT: Competent participants in exchanges of assertions recognize each other as norm-governed, rational, doxastic beings. Orthodoxy account for the core of such mutual recognition in terms of intricate systems of higher-order thoughts (Gricean communicative intentions and chains of meta-beliefs of ever-higher order). Yet if taken as an account of the psychology of the core of such mutual recognition, even its proponents are often uneasy about the cognitive burdens it places on speakers. Using Wilfrid Sellars’ theory of we-intention and their linguistic expressions as my point of departure, I develop a theory of belief as a cognitive we attitude – a cognitive attitude with an intrinsically intersubjective dimension – and of sincere assertion as expression of belief so conceived. I then argue that this theory yields an attractive and psychologically more plausible alternative to the orthodox account of the core of mutual recognition.

When: April 17, 2019 from 14:05 till 15:40
Where: Philosophical Faculty UHK, Room #B9

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