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Marcin Wagiel: Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects of Counting


On behalf of the LMS Center, we would like to invite you to an invited talk by:

Marcin Wagiel
(Ústav jazykovědy a baltistiky FF MUNI)

who will speak on:

"Cognitive and linguistic aspects of counting"

ABSTRACT: In the talk, I will present psychological and linguistic evidence for the relevance of the non-overlap and integrity conditions on numeric quantification over individuals. I will discuss Gelman & Gallistel’s (1978) three principles of counting and the corresponding Quinean bootstrapping theory of number acquisition (Carey 2009). Next, I will confront it with the object/substance distinction in children’s and other primates’ perception (Soja et al. 1991 and Hauser & Carey 2003, respectively). Furthermore, I will discuss a number of related cognitive phenomena such as the part-whole perception (Elkind et al. 1964), the whole object assumption (Markman 1990) and the relevance of discrete entities (Shipley & Shepperson 1990). Finally, I will present linguistic evidence including, e.g., object mass nouns (Barner & Snedeker 2005) and proportional quantifiers (Wągiel 2018) demonstrating that human language faculty, i.e., not only perception but also grammar, is sensitive to the notions of non-overlap and integrity.

When: October 23, 2019 from 14:05 till 15:40
Where: Philosophical Faculty UHK, Room #B9

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