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Casey Doyle: First-Person Authority and the Presumption of Rationality


On behalf of the LMS Center, we would like to invite you to an internal seminar led by:

Casey Doyle

who will speak on:

"First-Person Authority and the Presumption of Rationality"

ABSTRACT: When we tell each other what we want, believe, or intend, we speak with a special kind of authority, called first-person authority. In this talk I will offer a specification of the phenomenon and explain it. The view defended holds that we presume that another speaks truly when she speaks her mind because we presume that she is rational. Like others, I think that Moore's Paradox provides a clue here, so I will spend a bit of time on that.

When: December 4, 2019 from 14:05 till 15:40
Where: Philosophical Faculty UHK, Room #B9

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