Center for the study of language, mind and society at the Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Faculty of Arts
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Long term goal

Center for the Study of Language, Mind and Society was established at Faculty of Arts of University of Hradec Králové in 2009 thanks to support by European Structural Funds. The Center’s goal is support of interdisciplinary research connecting philosophy with neighbouring sciences whose results are relevant to uncovering the nature and principles of the human mind, language and society. In the spirit of the original University’s mission we strive to overcome the atomization of human knowledge and subsequent atomization of fields of university education by purposefully concentrating on finding links between philosophy and other social sciences on the one hand and natural and technical sciences on the other hand. For instance, we want to analyze to what extent are the opinions of the social sciences and philosophy on the human society’s operation congenial with the results of special sciences like evolutionary biology, cognitive psychology or cybernetics.

The Center’s activity should contribute towards dispelling the prejudice that philosophy is only a speculative discipline, far away from empirical reality and from other forms of knowledge, and stimulate interaction between philosophy, the social sciences and natural sciences. It should on the one hand increase the interest of philosophers and students of philosophy in results of special sciences pertaining to philosophical topics (such as the mind, language and society) and on the other hand it should introduce philosophy to those interested more in science as a discipline differing from the special sciences more in the effort for an ordering, detached view than in an essential nebulousness.

The main activity of the Center is organizing lectures, conferences and seminars with important figures from the field of philosophy and (empirical) sciences; and publishing material connected thereto. The Center has as its aim also increasing the level of humane education in Hradec Králové and offering students of philosophy and other subjects the possibility of hearing lectures by specialists of different scientific fields, of taking part in discussing new discoveries and discovering the basics of scientific method.

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This project is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic.

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