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Michael Campbell: A Wittgensteinian Approach to Perceptual Content


The LMS - Center welcomes Michael Campbell (Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value, Univerzita Pardubice) to speak on " A Wittgensteinian Approach to Perceptual Content". You are mostly welcome to join us!!

Beliefs and actions stand in both causal and justificatory relations to
perceptual experiences. Some philosophers (most notably John McDowell) have taken this thought to license a substantive philosophical thesis about the nature of the (so-called) contents of perception. McDowell argues that perceptual experiences must have conceptual content if they are to be capable of standing in rational relations to states of the subject. This view is controversial and has come under sustained attack from a number of different directions. In what follows I consider what Wittgenstein would make of the idea of perceptual experience as having conceptual content, paying particular attention to Philosophical Investigations sc.486 and related passages.

When: Nov 15, 2017 from 14:05 - 15:35
Where: Building of Philosophical Faculty, Room #B9

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